Member Engagement

Golden Angels Investors is founded on the expertise and engagement of our member investors and advisors.  In our member-led organization, opportunities for engagement are boundless –  allowing for each individual to contribute in their own unique way.

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We offer two options to join our organization:

  1. Investor – Accredited investors can join as members and participate in all investment activities.   Please contact Tim Keane for more information at
  2. Advisor – Advisors are interested in learning about angel investing and participating in deal screening and diligence activities.  Advisors typically are individuals who don’t qualify as accredited investors and are seeking exposure to the angel investing process. Please contact Mary Hannes for more information at

Hear from our Members

“I have been very surprised at both the volume and the quality of the investment opportunities I have seen”

“For me, what I think is the most beneficial aspect of the organization is the diversity of the due diligence”

“You can grow that network and develop in any way you want to go”

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Established Angel Group Certification

Golden Angels Investors earned Established Angel Group (EAG) certification as designated by the Angel Capital Association. This allows our member investors to have attestation that they are accredited investors. This proof of accreditation can be used for investments in Golden Angels as well as investments members may choose to make outside the Golden Angels network.

To view our certification, click here.